Wednesday, 25 July 2012

From Muddy to Muggy

As Summer gets into full swing...

We look back on a very muddy Newt Beer Festival. We now have the expensive and time consuming task of ploughing and re-seeding the fields, ready for the next crops. A shame that so many involved lost money this year but this was surely down to the abysmal weather and we look forward to next year's bigger and brighter festival.
Before the Newt I popped out to the Tamlyns sale to buy a new trailer and a couple of Rabbit hutches as we will be welcoming a couple of giant Rabbits to the house shortly.
As I was feeling in the shopping mood, I nipped down to The Giant Flea & Collectors Market at the Bath & West Showground on Sunday. I came back with some clay pots (which will no doubt find themselves as Ashtrays) as well as some beautiful new tables and chairs, perfect for some more sunny days outside.

On Monday we enjoyed a lovely supper with Mr and Mrs Robert Lyle at 18 Bruton Place, London. 
Formerly a top spy based in China and friends with the late former Chinese premier, Chairman Mao, he even became Godfather to one of Chairman Mao's daughters.
Robbie was famous for entertaining top cabinet members from China at Whites Club in London. They always caused a stir in their Chairman Mao outfits.

Back to London last Wednesday, we were at the apartment of William Cash for a function arranged by Real Estate Guru, Kym Erlich. For those of you in the market he's selling his place for £1.9 million.

We then had the pleasure of Sir Bourchier and Lady Caroline Wrey on Thursday who stayed the night here at Maunsel House. After dinner it was early to bed as they had a 5.30 flight to catch to France, a flight that would have been caught with a lot less stress if Caroline had not locked herself in the kitchen in the morning.

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