Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Another busy week

It must be party season, as I haven't stopped!

I start this week's blog with a look back to last week's Trinity Sailing Sea Picnic at Anstey's Cove, Torquay. Some beautiful boats and yachts on display, perhaps I'll treat myself to an early Christmas present!

The following day I had the pleasure of attending the fabulous 70th Birthday Party of The Earl Of Devon. It was lovely to be in the beautiful surroundings of Willsworthy in Kenton, Exeter.

From country to capital, it was the Sotheby's Reception in Bond Street, London on the Monday, followed by dinner with friends in Kings Road (I forget the name of the restaurant but it was very nice)

Back to the house on the Wednesday for Supper with four old friends, Lord Boyle, Charles Mitford Cust, Kay Russell and Phoebe Manners. It was great to discuss our different businesses and ideas over a few glasses of wine. All of the guests stayed the night in the house and I am sure we will make this a more regular occurrence.

I really love these intimate dinners with like minded people, discussing business opportunities and ideas but under a much more relaxed atmosphere. As these suppers are such a success, we will holding a networking event at Woodlands Castle (link above) on Friday 27th July and we would love to hear from you if you are a young professional, entrepreneur, investor etc looking to meet and mingle, at an informal networking event with Champagne and canapes, music and light entertainment.

To wrap up a busy social week for me, I had a lovely dinner at White's for the Queen's Jubilee on the Thursday before rushing back to Henley Music Festival. I had a great time and was lucky enough to enjoy the festivities from John Madejaski's private box. I did propose to his two lovely daughters Camilla and Helen, unfortunately they both declined and I don't think John wanted me as a son in law anyway.
(Seeing as we have been drinking mates for 45 years)

Talking of which, I will be attending the Newt Beer festival this year which starts this Friday. Take a look at their website, its a fantastic festival and I'm really looking forward to it.

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