Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Welcome to my blog

Slade the Blade here, stepping into the 21st century and launching my own blog. 

I haven't had time to catch my breath since last week's rather costly visits to Ascot and Philip de Pury's auction, although the latter did see me walk away with one of Mark Knopfler's beautiful guitars.

This followed on swiftly with visits to the HHA Wessex AGM, The Carlye Square Garden Party, a Maunsel House tour including lunch with a group of rather charming Australian visitors.

I do occasionally get a bit of time to myself, and when I recently did, I took time to visit some chums in Devon for a catch up and even had time to take in an Opera (don't laugh, I'm very into my music, it runs in the family you know!)

I came back to the house this Sunday for Andrew Roger's birthday and what a great party it was. We were joined by some illustrious guests including The Marquess of Bath, HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, Sally Farmiloe and many more friends. (For the full story, look for the Maunsel House blog on Friday...

That just leaves me to wish a Happy Independence Day to all my American friends, not least my cousin Isaac Slade, of super-group The Fray, and finally to all my followers from Sladesville US.


  1. Thanks for the well wishes Uncle Ben. America thanks you for not having any hard feelings about that whole episode a couple centuries ago. Appreciate that.


  2. I am from the ancestors of the surname Slade . I am not ashamed of who i am. I am only trying to get information for my Dad . I am doing a geneology for the name of Slade and his other name was Webb. I am african american my dad was a Mulotto or mixed race . I just want to search my orgins for my family reunion next year.