Thursday, 23 January 2014

The paper's get it wrong.....again!

An article recently featured in Bridgwater Mercury “Aristocrat places curse on painting purchaser” and Somerset County Gazette “Aristocrat Sir Benjamin Slade issues curse in 18th century portrait painting dispute” regarding a missing painting in American owned by me. Some of the facts mentioned in these articles were incorrect so I wrote to the papers to point out the following:

Sir Michael Slade, my father, died in 1962. My furniture and possessions were initially stored by my elder sister Lady Rotherwick (nee Sarah Jane Slade), as I was only 16. When she moved house in 1967, this furniture all went into storage with Chapmans of Taunton. It was taken out of storage in 1974 and all bills were paid.  Lady Rotherwick died in 1978. Some of the property, including this portrait, disappeared and seemed to have been lost either by Lady Rotherwick or the storage company, Chapmans, and sold dishonestly to America. Ninety per cent of the furniture is now in my possession – the remaining 10% being the objects purloined by Lady Rotherwick and family.

I hope this clears things up.


  1. I wish everything get better for you

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