Friday, 22 February 2013

Freezing the family assets!

In light of the recent story published in the Sunday Express titled "Sir Ben freezes the family assets" I would like to add that the present tackle I've got is in good working order, but I am looking around to get some more practice, sex is like tennis practice makes perfect.

Doing the horizontal is fine but I have this as a back up plan!

Furthermore, I think all these sperm banks should be regulated so they cant lend out the deposits without the donor's permission. If there are any healthy female specimens, with high IQ, the physique of an Olympian and looks like an Angel, I would be prepared to lend them the odd test tube!

It would help to have a further back up plan as when the next war starts, I hope that a lot of the Slade's will be on the front line, so just in case they all get killed. The other danger is when I produce, I might create several girls (who don't really count) so I need the best chance to have a boy.

For the full story click the Express logo:


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  2. Read all of your posts..interesting life. Will you be updating anytime soon?

  3. Como que las chicas no cuentan? Eso suena un tanto machista y retrĂ³grado!!!